I’ve published essays, short stories, and poems. I also penned the popular blog  paris (im)perfect about the quirkier side of the City of Light for 7+ years. My first novel, As a River, is out now from Jaded Ibis Press. Check out the kudos page to find out about my writing awards. If you’re looking for my voiceover work, hang tight! It will be up shortly.

“Dispatch from a Pandemic: Valencia, Spain,” Another Chicago Magazine, May 16, 2020

“Metal Man,” Ms. Aligned: Women Writing about Men (anthology), June 2016

“Keys to a Beautiful Heart,” Newfound Journal, Spring 2015

“Kerouac’s House and the End of Doubt,” The Rumpus, August 2014

“In the House,” The Writer, August 2014

“Negative Space,” Have a NYC 2, Three Rooms Press, May 2013

“Another Country: James Baldwin at ‘Home’ (and) Abroad,” Hunger Mountain, Dec 2012

“Quarter of Four,” Seek It: Writers and Artists Do Sleep, Red Claw Press, November 2012

“La magie noire du Père-Lachaise,” Courrier International, July 2012 (in French)

Anything but Oatmeal,” Lunch Ticket, June 2012

Life Lessons in Père Lachaise CemeteryUtne Reader, July/August 2012 (reprint)

The RumpusLetter from Paris: Life Lessons in Père Lachaise Cemetery,” Numero Cinq, January 2012

“Taking You In,” Stone Highway Review,” January 2012

Reincarnation,” The Buffalo Creek Review, November 2011

“An Alien Feeling,” Numero Cinq, September 2011

“The Idiopath,” Strangers in Paris: New Writing Inspired by the City of Light, May 2011
*anthology also includes work by Alice Notley and John Berger*

The Writing Life“The Clean Break,”Six Sentences (Volume 3), April 2010
*edited by Lydia Davis*

“Dear John,” Smokelong Quarterly, 2010
*Winner, 30-word Story Contest*Anything but Oatmeal

“New Blues Triad,” Sounds of This House, National Book Foundation anthology, 2007

“Feeling Mexico,” The Binnacle, 2007
*Finalist, Ultra-Short Fiction Contest*

“Soused,” BITEMagzine, Winter 2006

“Melt (In the Shadow of Skyscrapers),” Inkburns, 2003

Fun fact: There’s a short documentary film about my time living and writing in Jack Kerouac’s house for 3 months!

Haunting The Kerouac House from Frederic Monpierre on Vimeo.