American Female Commercial Voiceover Artist

Welcome to the magical land of commercial voiceover, where ads are no longer about simply selling stuff. They’re about creating unforgettable storytelling experiences.

Previous to becoming a full-time voiceover artist, I worked as a copywriter for many years. Wielding the mighty pen, I learned the craft of world-building with words, the power of messaging, and how to make each syllable count.

In today’s fast-paced landscape where consumers can scroll an endless list of purchase possibilities, it’s not enough just to describe product features or hit people over the head with a blaring “buy me” sign. 

People crave an emotional connection. 

Along with a killer script, amazing visuals, and perfectly-aligned music, a professional voiceover artist has the skills to evoke emotions.

American Female Commercial Voice Artist

  • Daily Harvest (conversational): 0:00-0:08
  • Patrón (luxurious, sultry): 0:09-0:21
  • Stripes (snarky, wry, fast): 0:22-0:32
  • Revlon (flirty, fun): 0:33-0:45
  • Under Armour (real, gritty): 0:46-1:02
*Sion Dayson

Whether you’re creating a TV or radio ad, YouTube pre-roll, cinema trailer, or any other creative project in need of a warm and memorable American female voiceover, feel free to reach out and we’ll take it from there!

Happy clients

Happy clients

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*Professional Sound Studio
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Automotive Commercials

  • Lexus (sultry, luxurious): 0:00-0:09
  • Subaru (conversational, laid-back): 0:10-0:23
  • CarHop (upbeat): 0:24-0:35
  • Infiniti (smooth, upscale): 0:36-0:41
  • Hyundai (light, real): 0:42-1:01
*Sion Dayson Documentary voiceover

Automotive Commercials

Fun. Functionality. Speed. Sophistication. What comes to mind when you think of a car?

An exciting and diverse niche within commercial voiceover is automotive ads. 

Automobiles speak to our desires and aspirations. They evoke strong emotions. They’re as varied as we are as humans. 

From sleek sports cars to family-friendly sedans, electric hybrids to budget hatchbacks. Whether it’s a luxury vehicle or a first set of student wheels, a car speaks volumes. 

Along with sumptuous visuals and finely-tuned music, a professional voiceover in your automotive commercial is a key driver of success.

My voice has a unique quality perfect for automotive ads. Sitting in a lower register than many female voiceovers, it carries gravitas and authority, while still remaining warm and authentic. 

Ready to rev up your advertising with a voice that cuts through the noise?