Sion Dayson Author

Holding my book for the first time. Yes, I’m a little misty-eyed.

Words surrounded me from the start.

My mom was a librarian and I grew up in a house filled with books.

I narrated what I saw around me – and invented my own stories as my imagination took flight.

Those early literary leanings grew into professional pathways. For nearly 20 years, I pursued a variety of editorial roles.

I have extensive experience writing for non-profits, corporations, and small businesses. I also worked as an independent freelancer for a decade in France.

Sion Dayson Author Barcelona

In Barcelona with an unwieldy quill

From travel essays in The Wall Street Journal to contest-winning short stories, copy for Google and Expedia to chapters in educational volumes and a long-running blog about Paris, I’ve written in many different mediums.

My biggest writerly dream came true when my first book, As a River, was published. It won the 2021 Crook’s Corner Book Prize for best debut novel set in the American South and the 2022 First Novel Prize from the Writer’s Center.

As you can see, storytelling is in my DNA.

Sion Dayson Author Shakespeare&Co

Reading at Shakespeare & Co Rittenhouse

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I now bring this wealth of experience to my voiceover work.

Every brand, every company, every project tells a story.

I’d love to help you tell yours.