Story + Service


Art and advocacy. Creativity and compassion. Writing and making the world a better place.
These have always been the dual drives in my life.

Sometimes the two passions act in concert. Sometimes each follows its own path.
But both comprise my heart’s bedrock – the desire to help others and my belief in the power of words.

Whether it was starting my high school’s first Habitat for Humanity club or founding a writer’s salon in Paris, France, learning leadership skills in Americorps or teaching ESL to farmworkers in the field, I have always felt called to service. And storytelling offers a moving way to make sense of experience, to transform hearts and minds.

After four years working in nonprofit organizations in New York and the past decade living and writing in the City of Light, I recently returned to my hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina for a stint helping family through some health issues, plus throwing my hat in the activist ring. Next up: a new adventure in Valencia, Spain!

I look forward to the next unfolding chapter and am actively seeking new opportunities to enact meaningful change.

Telling the stories that need telling. Being of service however I can.

Please feel free to peruse the site to learn about my creative and community work, and drop a line if you’d like!