Welcome to my Home Studio

Professional Sound Studio Specs

Raw studio sample

I record in a Professional Sound Studio, a large, acoustically treated, broadcast-quality VO booth that was custom-built by a sound designer / audio engineer who is the founder of a recording studio in Valencia. I wanted to be able to offer my clients the same great sound!

I love walking into my happy blue booth each day (with sun decal included ; )

My editing suite sits just outside my booth for an all-around awesome home studio that delivers excellent audio quality and offers strong remote connections.

I have Source Connect Standard for directed sessions, and am happy to use any other option you prefer (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, MS Teams, CleanFeed, SessionLinkPRO, etc).

I’m also delighted to self-direct and send you raw or edited files, usually within 24-hours, depending on scope.

Raw studio sample

Audio-Technica AT 2035 + Synco D2 mics

Motu M2 Audio Interface

Twisted Wave Audio Editor

iZotope RX 10 Standard Software

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro (80 Ohms) Headphones

MacBook Pro + 2 large-screen monitors

The result...
*Professional Sound Studio
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*Corporate Narration voiceover
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All demos, samples, and published work found on this website were recorded in my professional home studio. You can hear the final products for yourself! Imagine your own project recorded with the same skill and care.

My studio has been vetted by top audio engineers and I’m Source Connect certified. I would love to hop into a live session with you and bring your project to life. I’m just as happy to self-direct and deliver top quality files in your preferred format.

Send me a script, a brief, and a deadline and I’ll be here ready to work my magic!

Voice has the power to captivate hearts and minds.